The difference between Cricket and Baseball (Part 1)

The main difference Cricket is a sport played between two teams of 11 players on a 22-yard long rectangular pitch. Baseball consists of two teams of nine players, each taking turns hitting and fighting/throwing the ball. These games vary in rules, rules, play styles, sticks, balls, etc. Cricket and baseball are two bat and ball […]

Cricket in India – not just a sport (Part 1)

In Australia and India, people easily sympathize with any country to bring a diplomatic message to them with a cricket match. Comprehensive cooperation in many areas between Australia and India can take place in the spirit of healthy competition, trust and friendship that people have seen in cricket matches. Indian – Australia cricket player competes. […]

Indian Cricket faced a crisis because of clean water

Protesters burned goods and pushed with police outside Chennai’s cricket ground on April 10 to demand the cancellation of IPL cricket matches (Indian Premier League) when the southern city was in trouble. because of the clean water crisis. According to the Daily Mail, hundreds of protesters, including those wearing black T-shirts and carrying black balloons, […]