All accessories to play cricket well

Cricket should be encouraged for teamwork activities. It’s a good game to practice your body as well improve your memory and visibility ability when you have to focus to throw ball accurately.

To start this game, you have to prepare some simple steps, including preparing accessories and remembering the rules.

Following our article, we share list of accessories you need to prepare to play cricket well. In the previous article, we refer the manual of bat and ball in cricket. Now, continue to share other parts. Following it if you tend to start this game.

3/ Protective equipment

Protective equipment is necessary to protect your body before injuries when you interact with other players or movement with ball.

You should wear all protective gear to ensure safety without any injuries. It includes in body protectives, helmet and gloves.

About body protectives: it is abdomen guard being used to protect Batsmen and Wicketkeepers before movement of ball which can hit their body. Besides it, cricketers also should use leg pads or shin pads to protect the foot smoothly which makes comfortable when playing. 

About helmet: helmet and an attached visor is necessary to protect head of batsmen and fielders. For wicketkeepers, you should use protective eyewear to protect eyes before impact of the ball hitting.

About gloves: gloves are to protect tips of five fingers in movement process. The fact that batsmen and wicketkeeper use different gloves. The gloves of wicketkeeper are thinner and has webbed fingers to catch ball conveniently.

4/ Clothing 

Clothing should be connected with white long trousers to make a good pair clothe.

Besides clothes, cricketers should use baseball caps or cricket caps to protect head. Because you are playing outdoors, the sunshine will affect to your health.

About shoes, you should choose spiked shoes to be stable on the field.