All accessories to play cricket well

Cricket is a teamwork game for everyone. In general, it has a basic rule so it’s easy to catch and follow. Furthermore, cricket brings benefits for health and spirit because you can warm up the whole body.

To start this game well, you should prepare as well understand major accessories and rules. In this article, we check list of all accessories you should follow to start cricket. Our topic is around cricket bat, cricket ball, stumps, ground and pitch

1/ Cricket bat

The cricket bat is stick used to hit the ball then make scores. It’s important to decide you can get goals or not.

In general, length of a bat is no longer than 38 inches and width in 4.5 inches. It has weight around 1kg to 2.5 kg.

According to popularity, cricketer usually choose bat with weight about 1 to 1.8 kg. it is middle to arrange and handle smoothly. Depending on your weight, you can choose a proper size for your option.

However, there is a tip for new comer.

2/ Cricket ball

The cricket ball has in circle shape with red or white color. It has rule to use color of ball properly.

For a shorter game or in night matches, they usually use white color while red ball is used for the longer or in day match.

One cricket ball is made from leather. You use cricket ball to adjust and move ball to the net correctly.

The fact that, cricket bat is really heavy so it’s difficult to handle it fluently. Therefore, beginner usually use tennis ball or leather ball in small shape to play cricket. It’s better to handle ball by cricket bat. Once you get used to using bat, you should start to play with a cricket real ball. This time means your level will be higher and better.