Major types in cricket betting (Part 1)

According to trend of viewers, they prefer to placing on betting when they watch a sport match. This action increases interest and expectation to game more. Among series of betting sports, cricket is ranked as one of the most popular sports for betting, especially it is favorited at some markets in the UK, Africa or […]

Major history in cricket (Part 3)

Here, we continue to share major events during history of cricket.  From the former article, we refer to origins of cricket rule and the first match in cricket. Besides it, we discuss other topics about technology development. According to the growth of cricket, technology has been improved dramatically through season by season. However, until the […]

All accessories to play cricket well

Cricket should be encouraged for teamwork activities. It’s a good game to practice your body as well improve your memory and visibility ability when you have to focus to throw ball accurately. To start this game, you have to prepare some simple steps, including preparing accessories and remembering the rules. Following our article, we share […]