Basics about online Cricket Betting

Cricket (ball club) is the sport of using bat to hit the ball very popular in the UK countries. This is a team game, each team has 11 players playing on a round grass field.

The two teams take turns serving and hitting the ball, after all the players of the batting team are disqualified, the team will change to serve and the other team will enter the court to become the batting team.

Cricket betting is very popular in European countries, UK bookmaker bet365 offers players all the cricket matches with interesting bets.

Besides the traditional bets of most sports such as: Money line bets, 1 × 2 bets, handicap bets, over/under bets, etc. For cricket, the be365 dealer gives players the odds. The specifics of this subject are as follow.

Best Batting/serving bets

Players predict the best bats or serve. If a player does not take part in the match, then bets are void. In a match of 2 games, this bet type is only open for the first game. If a player does not hit the ball or serves the ball then it will be considered a losing bet. If more than one player falls with the/of piers, the server with the least number of runs will win.

Most Pillar Bets

Bet on the player to throw the most number of piers in a specific match or game. Bets are void if the player does not make a serve.

Highest 6 point bet means wager on the team to score the most 6 points in a specific match or game.

Bets eliminated by next bet means bets placed on the player to be hit will be eliminated first in the match or game. Bets are void if the player who bowss gives up.

The common way of playing cricket

Countervailing Cricket means a match between two participating nations, this is the longest lasting game, up to five days.

Daily Cricket means matches are held in one day, each team is limited to hitting and delivering the ball usually 50 rounds of throw.

Twenty20 is a Japanese single-cricket style with a limit of 20 rounds per team.

Maybe cricket is not yet popular in some countries, but if you know the rules of the game, you can take part in betting at the online house very easily. Good luck.