Major types in cricket betting (Part 1)

According to trend of viewers, they prefer to placing on betting when they watch a sport match. This action increases interest and expectation to game more. Among series of betting sports, cricket is ranked as one of the most popular sports for betting, especially it is favorited at some markets in the UK, Africa or […]

Cricket is an obsession growing faster by Online cricket betting popularity:

Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports across the globe. In India, the game has a large fan base, more than any other game. The game offers a combination of excitement, unpredictability, and last moment miracles. The popularity of cricket has grown significantly in the previous year’s which has been promoted by a change […]

Important things you should know before betting in cricket (Part 3)

Japanese single cricket is different from the opposing cricket because each team can play the ball only once. And secondly, the team that has fewer points than loses; In competitive cricket, the serving team must cause the team to be eliminated to achieve the result. Criket Twenty Twenty20 is a new, single-cricket style applied in […]

Important things you should know before betting in cricket (Part 2)

Score calculation in cricket Running from one end of the field to the other three cylinders: 1 unit Hit the ball out to the edge of the court: 4 cells Hit the ball without touching the ground, flying outside the boundary line (including flying into the stands): 6 cells Cricket style Antagonistic Cricket Countervailing cricket […]

Important things you should know before betting in cricket (Part 1)

Cricket is a sport of using bats, popular in many countries in the British Commonwealth community, playing between two teams, each of 11 players, on a circular field of grass. The purpose of the match is to take two teams taking turns, a serve and a batting team. After all players of the batting team […]