Coronavirus threat to IPL cricket brand valuation (Part 2)

Duff and Phelps have considered the following two scenarios and several other sub-scenarios as follows.

Scenario 1: IPL is cut short with the number of matches reduced to half, a high possibility according to BCCI.

Scenario 2: The entire IPL 13 season is canceled

The impact analysis was performed on an IPL ecosystem value of $ 6.8 billion, based on the Duff & Phelps 2019 report. The non-analysis analysis reflects the current value of the estimated IPL ecosystem. after reviewing the available factors after the completion of IPL 2020, according to Mr. Santosh.

Scenario 1

If the IPL season starts on April 15, those 15 days will be lost. In our analysis, we assumed that during a truncated season, each team would play against the other team only once, instead of home and away, thus halving the number of matches. in the tournament. We have also been involved in two situations – one in which the audience is allowed inside the stadium and the other is the match that takes place behind closed doors, effectively affecting revenue in The room includes port receipts and food and drinks.

The impact of revenue loss on accounts that lack port receipts is negligible on IPL values. In fact, it could be beneficial for broadcasters if the shutdown is still there and many are forced to spend time at home to increase the TV viewership for IPL, although there is no stakeholder to include. Broadcasters like this option.

The study further demonstrated the loss of revenue from broadcast and sponsorship, as broadcast partners and sponsors would renegotiate contracts based on the number of matches played. The impact of a truncated tournament on official merchandise sales and related revenue is also considered. Overall, under Scenario I, the IPL ecosystem value that the company estimated last year is expected to fall in the range of $ 200 million to $ 350 million (3.0% to 5.0%).

Scenario 2

If the entire IPL 13 is canceled, it is still a strong threat if the current situation remains, a major impact on the value of the IPL ecosystem will lead to major economic and financial consequences. than.

Research in such an extreme event looked at two sub-scenarios. First, there is no impact on the following year’s version and the second year, a complete year that is reset from a revenue perspective for all stakeholders.