Cricket is an obsession growing faster by Online cricket betting popularity:

Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports across the globe. In India, the game has a large fan base, more than any other game. The game offers a combination of excitement, unpredictability, and last moment miracles. The popularity of cricket has grown significantly in the previous year’s which has been promoted by a change in the game formats as well as different events organized.

Conventionally, cricket had two forms, Test cricket and One-day cricket matches. Later, the 20-20 cricket game format was introduced which was a great success. Events like IPL have made cricket more popular and attractive with more and more people sticking to their TV screens or searching the internet for IPL predictions. While modern-day cricket is much appreciated, the game has a very long history with many modifications done over the years.

History of Cricket:

The origin of cricket is believed to be from the time of Saxon or Norman in the United Kingdom. It was the kids of a village who first played a game like a cricket. It was only in the middle of the 17th century that village cricket was promoted and played more often. In the year 1709, the first-ever game of cricket was played with the teams having names on their county. The laws of cricket were written in 1744 and later amended in 1774. In India, Cricket was introduced by British East India Company mariners. The knowledge of cricket was extended to several other countries including North America, West Indies, Australia, and New Zealand by different means.

Cricket grew both in terms of being an organized sport as well as popularity. Today, the game is not only limited to the grounds, but also to betting forums.

History of betting on Cricket in India:

Cricket has served as a medium for gambling for a long time now. Thanks to its popularity, cricket gambling is enjoyed by many. Some countries like India, Cricket betting is illegal. However, people can enjoy online betting on cricket and seek gains. There are different types of cricket betting that betting and cricket enthusiasts love to try. Match result, High bat, Most wickets, Series/ tournament results, Coin toss, Highest opening partnership, Method of the first dismissal, and live betting on cricket are a few popular betting types.

Cricket is more like an obsession with Indians and online betting on cricket has garnered a great market because of this obsession. As exciting as it is to enjoy a game of cricket, gambling adds to the adventure.