Cricket is not just a sport in India and Australia (Part 2)

The catalyst for the present

When the two cricket players came out, they not only carried the mission of the players but also the cultural ambassador. We all know the legendary Sachin Tendulkar (India), the youngest who was awarded the National Medal by the Prime Minister of India (2013), repeatedly won the “Best Player” title at Cricket Worldcup and is a of the nine athletes with the most social media fans in the world.

And Australia has Donald Bradman, who died 14 years ago but he is always one of the first names mentioned in 135 years of world cricket history as former UK cricket captain Ray Illingworth commented: “When faced with the best cricket player like Don Bradman, you will understand why he is the record holder.”

They are the ones sharing the message of friendship on and off the pitch. While still competing or retired, the activities of Tendulkar and Don Bradman are always evaluated to serve the stability and friendly development of Australia-India relations by promoting goodwill and sportsmanship in shining.

With more than half a million Australians living and working in India, Canberra focuses on people-to-people activities as a way of linking the two countries. TV shows like Master Chef Australia have very high viewership in India. And Australians enjoy Indian cuisine and of course according to Shaun Star “our love shared with sports, especially cricket is the catalyst for intimacy.”

The Australian Cricket Federation organized a dialogue for 30 young leaders from the two countries just before the competition between the two sides in the world Cricket semi-final on January 26, 2015 in Sydney.

In 2012, during his visit to India, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard decided to award the National Medal to Sachin Tendulkar. “This is a special honor and we rarely give a medal to someone who is not an Australian citizen,” she said. Select Tendulkar as part of Australia’s marketing profile for the 1 billion people market.

During recent visits between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the two leaders emphasized that while the interests of each country have spread to other areas, cricket is still a cord to preserve affection and motivation. co-operate.

Comprehensive cooperation in many areas between Australia and India can take place in the spirit of healthy competition, trust and friendship that people have seen in cricket matches.