Eoin Morgan considers his future after leading England to World Cup glory

Eoin Morgan said he needed more time to consider his future after becoming England’s first World Cup winner.

Morgan will be 34 when World Twenty20 starts in Australia in October 2020, but says the emotional spiral since Britain flooded New Zealand on Sunday at Lord because the tightest margin means it’s not now. It’s time to decide whether or not to resign from international cricket.

‘I have been trying to think about it since the final, but everything was very emotional,’ he said, after being announced as the ‘iconic’ player of Dublin Chiefs at the start of the Euro T20 Slam tournament on August 30.

Eoin Morgan led the England team to their first Cricket World Cup victory

“I will probably make the wrong decision if I’m under pressure. I will stay away from everything first. I also have to ask if I can add value to the team. I believe I can, but will I have that drive next year?”

“The past few days have been crazy, everywhere. The feedback we get is fantastic – on Twitter, Facebook and even mail. People in Dublin have said how proud they are. I will never be bored with congratulations.”

The captain is considering his future and whether to continue until 2020.

Meanwhile, Ben Stokes has been nominated for the New Zealander of the Year award for his role in England’s World Cup victory.

Stokes, who was born in Christchurch, was the man of Sunday’s match at Lord after scoring an unbeaten match 84, then returned to bat again in the blockbuster, as he managed eight ball.

Prize judge Cameron Bennett said “He may not have played for Black Hat but, was born in the city of Christchurch, where his parents currently live and with Maori’s ancestors, clearly there was a Some Kiwis think we can still ask him.”

He won the World Cup against New Zealand at an extremely narrow rate.