How corruption infiltrated Indian Cricket ? (Part 1)

Established in 2007, Indian cricket (IPL) has tried to make this sport more and more attractive. Giant Indian corporations have bought cricket teams and Bollywood stars to bring the match to their charm with fans from Mumbai, Dubai and New Jersey following the tournament.

And as expected the value of this tournament has increased to over 4 trillion. For many Indians, the IPL tournament has become a symbol of a confident and dynamic new India. However, after allegations of bribery and financial fraud, the involvement of a minister, the IPL award has become a symbol of corruption.

Unfortunately, in India, the birth of unions, tournaments like IPL have become their own victims. The editor-in-chief of the Indian Journal today wrote that wherever money is involved, especially large sums of money, is followed by corruption. Cricket can fascinate a lot of people around the world, but become an obsession in India.

Recently, government tax officials have confiscated a large number of financial-related books. And the upcoming cricket control committee is expected to hold a hearing on tournament chairman Lalit Kumar Modi.

Members of the Supervisory Committee regard Modi as a “visionary,” visionary who relies on the tournament to enrich himself and his family members through contributions. privately to football teams or to payments from TV and Internet broadcast contracts. But the Commission itself is also in a position to compromise.

Because although it is a non-governmental organization, it is dominated by some of the most powerful political officials, including Bharatiya opposition leader Arun Jaitley and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

Many commentators suspect that the committee itself may have completely turned a blind eye to Modi’s actions. Even before the fall of the bloc, the Commission was criticized for being less transparent and accused of conflicts of interest. A member of this committee is also the owner of a team in the tournament.