How corruption infiltrated Indian Cricket ? (Part 2)

For decades, politicians have been involved in the sport. Cricket matches are organized between states’ teams competing in regional and national tournaments.

After that, the best players will be selected for the Indian national team. Each state has a cricket association and is usually led by an official in the state government.

And now, at least 6 states have cricket associations in the hands of political figures. Sports journalist G. Rajaraman said these kinds of sporting and political relationships will initially benefit the sport as political officials can help a team gain resources.

But this relationship changed as money began to flow into sports and more and more political officials struggled to gain control. In 2005, Agriculture Minister Pawar took over the National Cricket Committee. At that time, Modi was an assistant.

Having lived in the United States, Modi has noticed how NBA-like leagues promote stars, teams, and profits. European football leagues are broadcast throughout Asia, including India.

And the Indian middle class began to realize that sport was a fascinating leisure activity. Modi realized that and launched the IPL tournament as a product for television, shortening the match time from a day or even days to a few hours of broadcast and include passionate fans and movie stars. Bollywood’s biggest star also has a stake in a cricket team.

Fashion models, celebrities are also present in the party after each match with the players all night. Websites start posting pictures of parties and stories about movie stars in the cricket village. Historian Ramachandra Guha writes, the IPL award reflects the state of corruption and inequality in society.

Modi is currently gathering documents for the interview, while several other government officials are under scrutiny. Foreign Minister Shashi Tharoor was forced to resign. The IPL cricket scandal is divisive within the Indian government as the BJP opposition party is calling for a number of ministers to resign.

A lot of opposition politicians even demanding reorganization of the government or soon holding a vote of no confidence. At the same time, the BJP has called on Congress to conduct an investigation into India’s current government corruption scandals.