How does a cricket match lead to the hackers war in India? (Part 1)

The rivalry in cricket is traditional in South Asia. Still know that but a match between Bangladesh and India has taken fanaticism to the extreme, only to end with hackers attack a series of websites of the Bangladesh government.

Tensions started with a petty argument before the Asia Cup final between India and Bangladesh last Sunday. India is rated higher than its small neighboring country but Bangladesh’s “Tigers” have also played very well recently and they hope to make a surprise.

Driven by that hope, Bangladeshi fans created a bloody caricature of their star player, Taskin Ahmed, holding the severed head of the Indian captain. Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

This image was later spread on social networks at a dizzying pace, by people who used it to call for support for Bangladesh and those who thought that using photoshop to manipulate images was not.

In the end, India won with 8 wicket and won the 6th Asia Cup. However, the Indian fans in the victory still did not forget the actions of the Bangladeshi people before the match. They also make images and publish pictures that ridicule Bangladesh’s failure.

Even so, all this is nothing new in the world of cricket, amidst the craziness of the fans. And for some Indian fans, swearing again and again doesn’t satisfy their fury.

So, right after the game, a group of hackers calling themselves Kerala Cyber ​​Warriors attacked 15 websites of Bangladesh, some of which belonged to the government. Those who visit these websites are greeted with a Hindi victory song with cricket pictures and the message: “Your cricket team is nothing.”

The hackers did not reveal their identities, but they gave a reason as to why they carried out their attacks. In fact, this is not the first time that cricket fans have attacked websites on one country. Kerala Cyber ​​Warriors has attacked several Pakistani websites before and needless to say, Pakistan is India’s biggest competitor in cricket.