How to distinguish cricket and baseball? (Part 1)

Cricket and baseball are two sports that have many similarities, which makes many people confused about distinguishing them. Let’s see what the difference between these two sports!

The batter has three chances to hit the ball into the court. An unsuccessful throw is called a stroke and three strokes are credited to the player resulting in the player being disqualified. A strike is called when the batter allows a good ball to be thrown at the catcher, the batter swung any ball and misses or fouls directly at the catcher or batter a foul ball. There are five ways a batter can be eliminated: attack, exit line, ground, force out and card out.

A baseball bat is a metal or plain round baton with a rounded top and a flat knob at the bottom. Bats may have a diameter of no more than 2, 75 inches in the thickest part and no longer than 42 inches. The bat weighs no more than 33 ounces; However the weight may vary depending on the player.

Baseball is made up of a cork and rubber mixture, wrapped in yarn and then covered with leather. The ball is round and sized from 9 to 91⁄4 inches with a circumference of 27⁄8 in diameter 3 inches. Balls should not weigh less than 5 ounces or more than 5 and 1/4 ounces. The field is 60 feet wide and 6 inches wide, with a diamond shaped in an angle where most of the game is played.

Number of players

Cricket is a bat family game and is played between two teams of 11 players.

Baseball is a bat sport and the ball is played between two teams of 9 people.


66 feet or 20, 1 meter (about 58 ft or 17, 7 m between Bowler and batsman on delivery)

60 feet, 6 inches or 18, 4 meters (about 52 ft or 15, 8 m between the starting point of the pitcher and the batter on delivery).