Major history in cricket (Part 3)

Here, we continue to share major events during history of cricket

From the former article, we refer to origins of cricket rule and the first match in cricket. Besides it, we discuss other topics about technology development.

According to the growth of cricket, technology has been improved dramatically through season by season.

However, until the early 19thcentury, bowling in cricket was just underhand and all players preferred way of the high-tossed lob.

The round-arm revolution

It was called as a revolution because it helped blowers to increase level amazingly while they didn’t waste so much energy for releasing ball as the past.

When this rule was proposed, it received negative comments because they didn’t want this change. However, in 1835, the MCC decided to release this law. It helped bowlers so much to increase the speed of throwing ball. as this rule, players didn’t need to worry about distance of hand and shoulder when bowling. They could raise the hand higher as they expected so that they made the correct target.

Once other cricketers saw improvement of this rule in MCC, they raised this rule to their organization. For example, in the match between the England team and Surrey at London, they required to cancel rule of bowling arm above the shoulder. Even, they raised arguments in meeting. Finally, the 1864, all cricket match was officially applied the rule for overhanding.

The fact, it was a revolution in technical development of cricket. This change contributed to increase higher level in cricket because the batsmen were difficult to judge strategies of bowlers. So, all people required to improve flexible skills about prediction and fast reaction.

The “leg-before-wicket” law

In the early 20th century, the leg-before-wicket law was released to limit injuries of batsman. 

Before this rule, to prevent ball from hitting, he could use the whole body to do it. However, it was dangerous for players. So, this rule was prohibited.

It contributed to build up a perfect set of rule about cricket.