Major history of cricket (Part 1)

In the first period, cricket is the national summer game in the UK. Then it is being spread out other nations in the world such as India, Pakistan, Australia so on.

In the modern life, cricket is play throughout the world. Why this game becomes popular and developed strongly. We should find the reasons through major events in history of cricket as following.

Regard to documents of cricket, it has appeared in the early 13thcentury at the UK when boys bowled to the hurdle gates or tree stumps. 

Then it had some signals that required rules about size of wicket and ball.

In 1774, there was an official regulation about weight and size of a ball. the weight was within 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (equal to 156 to 163 grams). Then cricket was continued to improve other equipment in the coming years.

In the first origin, bat was made from a branch of a tree. Someone described it as a hockey stick but it was longer and heavier.

Because some reasons to defend bowling, some cricketers changed into a new straight bat. It was changed design and dimension. It was shorter and straighter than bowling’s bat. So, it led to changes the way to play ball by forward, driving and cutting.

Because skills in ball were improved and developed professionally, cricket has threw position of bowling fast to dominate during the 18thcentury.

The fact, this period was considered as the first years of cricket. It was begun to play in the south areas of England, then spreading to London, Artillery ground or Finsbury. As a consequence, throughout in the UK, all people knew popularity of cricket. 

In 1690s, cricketers were played money for per match. Since this event, cricket was considered as a professional game to make money for players as well bettors. To meet demand of rapid growth, the rule of cricket started to write and discuss in meeting in 1709s.