Major history of cricket (Part 2)

Here we continue to share major events during origins and development of cricket.

As shared in the former article, cricket becomes popular with everyone in the Asia, Europe. So, to enjoy this game, it’s better to understand more roots and growth itself.

We have ever shared about the reason why cricket is considered as a professional game as well the event to remark using official rule of cricket in all international matches. Then how cricket is developed? Let it follow our sharing.

After the first set of cricket rule was launched in 1700s. They continued to organize tournaments as well adjust the content to suit general spirit. 

For example, discussion about size of the wicket or the pitch, wickets, ball and bat. These adjustments made more perfect completion for one professional game.

If cricket was only limited in the southern places of the UK in 17thcentury, it had been spreading to other places in London, Artillery Ground, Finsbury in the UK, then continued to be developed and introduced at other Europe nations. 

In 1744, the big match in cricket history between Kent and All-England team was established under warming cheering up of spectators. From this match, betting in cricket was applied which was considered as the first game for cricket betting. people became noisier and disorder when watching the game. Because they disputed or discussed their wagers.

Once some clubs were founded, they had demand one Association to manage and collect for professional tournaments. As consequence, the Marylebone cricket club was founded in London. They set up one office in Lord then was considered as headquarter of the international cricket foundation. Since this event, Lord was the home of cricket. Any issue about cricket was organized meeting at there. 

The fact, Lord was named after its founder.