Major rules in cricket game

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world, especially the young prefer to playing team sports.

To start this game, you need to remember the rule as well prepare basic accessories. The truth that learning by heart some rules in cricket is not difficult. There are some similar with rules in football and basketball. Therefore, it’s easy to immerse and remember them.

In this article, we will list some major rules in cricket. If you prepare for this game, don’t miss our reference as following.

Introduction about cricket

In cricket, your mission is to score more runs than your opponent team. To reach this target, you need to hit the ball by a cricket bat. When you bowl out of the opponent team or prevent them to the allocated time, you will move to another turn to change strategies and switch roles to each other.

About version, cricket has three main types, including test, one day and twenty 20. Per type has different performance, however, they have the same requirements.

1/ There are total 2 teams in the field. One team has only 11 players.

2/ In one game, there are two referees standing either end of the wicket. They are responsible to count the number of balls then decide whether batsmen is out after the appeal or not. Besides it, two referees need to confirm that the bowlers deliver ball legally or not.

3/ To legal match, the bowler will practice total 6 deliveries as the rule. Once finished, the match will be constituted officially.

4/ There are some ways to transfer ball in cricket such as:  

Bowling (the ball is hit to stumps)

Caught (the fielder can catch ball without jumping)

Leg before wicket (the ball hits to pads to prevent itself movement to stumps)

Stumps (the keeper use gloves to strike stumps whereas other batsmen are outside of hand and stand in the line).