The difference between Cricket and Baseball (Part 1)

The main difference

Cricket is a sport played between two teams of 11 players on a 22-yard long rectangular pitch. Baseball consists of two teams of nine players, each taking turns hitting and fighting/throwing the ball. These games vary in rules, rules, play styles, sticks, balls, etc.

Cricket and baseball are two bat and ball sports which are favorite pastimes in many countries. These are two popular games and can be found in most countries. Although these games are of similar nature and are of British origin, they have differences between them including rules, regulations, play, sticks, balls, etc.

Cricket is a popular sport played between two teams of 11 players on a 22-yard long rectangular pitch. Previous forms of crickets have been traced back to the Tudor period in the early 16th century in England. The earliest written evidence of cricket refers to the sport of ‘creckett’ in 1598. Cricket became an organized sport played for high stakes in the 17th century. Play is for the batsmen to attack the ball and then run through the field to try and accumulate ‘runs’ or ‘points’.

The defending team, called the security team, will try to catch the ball or run the ball back to hit the wick, which will eliminate the batsman. The ball must hit the wick when the bat is not in the boundary. When the archer throws the ball, the ball must touch the ground once before the batter can hit the ball.

Another way to accumulate points in addition to running is to try and take the ball outside the boundary line. If the ball rolls on the ground and touches or crosses the boundary line, this prize will help the team 4 to run, if the ball crosses the boundary but does not touch the ground until crossing the boundary line, this prize will run 6 times.