The difference between Cricket and Baseball (Part 3)

Baseball is the most popular sport in the United States, although it is also played in other countries. Previous forms of baseball were difficult to trace, although it may have been associated with a game in France called ‘la soule’ in 1344. The Baseball Book before we know it: Find Looking for the origin of David Block’s game shows that the game originated in England. The book says that baseball was adapted from an older game called Rounders.

The earliest reference to baseball was found in a British publication in 1744. A pocket brochure by John Newbery, showing how to set up similar to baseball except for a triangular field, with diamonds today. The game was brought to the United States by British immigrants. It began to become popular in the 1850s as a favorite pastime. In the mid-1850s, sixteen regional clubs established the first governing body of the sport, the National Association of Base Ball Players.

The game consists of two teams with nine players, each hitting / hitting and throwing / throwing balls respectively. The turn is described as inning, with each game consisting of a half. One bat team in the first half, while the second team bat in the second half. The goal of the game is to strike the ball and cover all four bases without being touched by the ball and scoring ‘run’ or ‘point’. The first batter hits from the home plate, then he moves counterclockwise to the first base, the second base, the third base and finally returns to the home base to score.

The defending team will keep the batter from running the base by touching him with the ball to make him out. When three appearances were recorded, the teams switched roles for the second half of the inning. If a score is tied after nine innings, extra innings will be added to the game. In addition to scoring by running all bases, the batter can also hit the ball in the air in foul lines on the entire fence on and off the court; This may also lead to a homerun.