Welcome to the pantheon of the great people of England, Ben Stokes (Part 2)

You have to remember Ben is special because he is capable of so many things, he said both yesterday. He grows into a bigger and better cricket player every day and what happens at Headingley is the box office. He has nothing to lose and enjoy himself. That is the key. He was determined but he enjoyed this moment and that will knock Australian stuff away now.

The long-term hope is that Stokes will not only inspire the new generation of cricket fans that the ECB is eager to attract, but also turn them into a 50-year-old cricket and most importantly the final form of the game – Check out Look up cricket. Honestly, who needs The Hundred when enthusiasts can see this?

In the next few weeks as you walk through the lush villages, you’ll see people play cricket rather than football, he said the man inspired a generation in Ashes in 1981. This is special. To keep his concentration and then destroy Australia alone when they throw everything at him. Now it all comes to Ben and he will be wanted all over the world.

How attractive Stokes’s career will be. He obviously has the ability to play three strokes for England in tests and while he is a bit inferior to the ball for both Twoam and Flintoff, his bowling game should not be underestimated.

While his batting is the main point of Headingley, his bowling game should not be eliminated.

For example, the incredible mantra of 14 times unbroken on Friday did a lot to keep England in the Post-Explosion Test for what we thought was an ashes determined 67 both.

Stokes admits he needs time to adjust the polish if he has a long bowl, so Joe Root will have to handle the man he fervently supports, even in his absence. caused by Bristol, very carefully.