Welcome to the pantheon of the great people of England, Ben Stokes (Part 3)

Until now number 5 and the fourth tailor seem perfect for him. However, no one is more interested or working hard in his game like Stokes and can only hope that he will stand up and he feels right with the franchise commitments he makes. As Botham said, he will be in demand all over the world now.

And it is hoped that England never burdened him with the armband weighed on the shoulders of Twoam and Flintoff despite Stokes being the ultimate teammate and having respect for everyone on the British side. Captain will be too much.

It is not that he will not follow it strategically. He may be inexperienced in the captain, but the intelligence he has approached with England runs almost impossible to run and passes the gears on Sunday as quite remarkable. Plus it was too much to expect a full-blown key man to be captain on any side and Ben Stokes was the type of person who wanted to do everything himself.

Flintoff crouches to the ground when he is captain and Stokes will be desperate to lead by example that he may eventually be burned.

He was rated high enough on the team to be the successor to Root when his time was up – this seemed to be worryingly as he was staring at a losing test. ash eighth in a row. Everyone in the British camp loved Stokes and no one turned his back on him after the notorious night in Bristol.

It felt much worse for Alex Hales, who went out with Stokes that night and went through a failed drug test the night before the World Cup. He has the heart of a lion and will do anything for this team, ” Stuart Broad said at Headingley. He is the most wonderful man.

That altruistic personality was summed up by Stokes, refusing to celebrate his 50th or century on Sunday, an acknowledgment that his work was not done.

The two tracked hundreds of their people at Headingley in 1981 with another, preferably at Old Trafford later in the Ashes. If Stokes does the same in the Fourth Test next month and the UK wins the Ashes, then Layton will probably get noticed.

Headingley’s miracle can be very different if Australia still considers and challenges Joel Wilson, not making a decision when Ben Stokes misses a Nathan Lyon sweep with only two things necessary.